Member’s Covenant


The purpose of a MEMBER’S COVENANT is to set up a mutually beneficial understanding of how members will treat each other while working together at BASECAMP. It is easily understood that all of us have different needs with respect to our environment while working – some like background noise, some require absolute quiet, for example. An effort has been made to offer a number of different types of work space as well as safety and comfort with 24/7 accessibility to help meet each person’s expectations. The creation of a COVENANT where members agree how they’ll treat each other is another factor in work productivity. Members will be required to affirm this covenant upon joining BASECAMP.

Welcome and Inclusion – BASECAMP WP is a friendly place that values EVERYONE and their unique gifts, expertise, and talents.  Since it is an underlying goal of BASECAMP to be a place where new business ideas can be hatched and incubated, interaction between members is encouraged and promoted.

Polite Respect – Everyone deserves it.

Tidiness – No one wants to clean up after you at your workspace, the lounge, conference rooms, or the kitchen.

Nothing illegal, immoral, or unkind – On the internet or on premises

Collaborative spirit – recognize the value of members’ expertise and experience and be willing to participate in brainstorming and discussion – who knows what might become of it!

No Solicitation –  of any kind. Offer advice if (and only if) asked. No selling or arm twisting.

Continuous learning – Keep an open mind to new ideas and be willing to share

Confidentiality – There might be times you overhear or see information that is private. Respect that privacy.

Security – In all of its forms, help keep BASECAMP WP and its members safe – whether on premises or on the internet – we all need to be vigilant.

Valuing People, Planet, & Profit – in an effort to leave this world a better place than we found it….. from friendly greetings to turning off the lights.

In placing your order for a Basecamp membership, you hereby affirm and agree to abide by this covenant.