CoWorking memberships that work

Not everyone has the exact same need. From drop-ins to every day use, Basecamp WP has a membership to fit any need.

Individual and Group Memberships

Please select the appropriate membership level below.


Individual memberships are designed for one person.  New members will need to purchase the ONE TIME INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP SIGN UP for $25 and either the UNLIMITED MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP for $150/month or the PAY PER USE MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP for $25/month.  The UNLIMITED membership allows you to use Basecamp every day if needed while the PAY PER USE membership requires you to purchase a $15 DAY PASS each time you use the space.


Group memberships are designed for periodic group meeting of 4-10 people but not daily use for such groups.  If you’re in need of a meeting space for more than 10 people or for workspace for small groups of 4-10 people on a daily basis, please contact us through the Contact page for more info.